It's All the Same on Mars

by Great White Tourist

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released September 30, 2016

Songs written by Great White Tourist. Recorded, Mixed, Mastered & Produced by Great White Tourist.

Thanks to everyone who has supported us in any way, even if it was just standing awkwardly close to us during shows. :]

Extra special thanks to Kevin Campbell, Trent Larrabee, Evan Benoit, Ryan Egan, & Andy Tamulonis.



Chris - Vocals, Guitar
Joey - Guitar
Evan - Bass
Ian - Drums



all rights reserved


Great White Tourist Manchester, New Hampshire

yer dad might like us?

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Track Name: Shallow Grave Danger
feeling nauseous
is it nostalgia kicking in?
taking over
i am a victim to the memories

do you remember
breaking into that dying home?
there with you, i still felt alone
the black night sea
never knowing what it means
to get out and grow up and it feels like
everything is cool

summer nights feel alright

racket! keeping in the noise and i believed you
every single day i think about the waves
the golden graves inside my head
resurrect! heating up like a fever
pulse is growing rapidly
up my sleeve
untangled me

trying to find
rhythm and timing
in those sheltered nights
i don’t know a thing about you anymore
Track Name: Fremont, NH
i was seventeen
you never got the best of me
on the black streets in the back seat of my dad's car
caught up in telling stories
i was telling you all the things you knew from the start

and i forgot as quickly as it happened
it's like it never happened, youth and love is such a joke
it swept through me like a lesson, that i pretended to listen to
then i fucked up all over again

i'll be just fine
another time
i’ve been building up
filling this cup like it was mine
i wonder where you are tonight
Track Name: Ghost in a Sedan
i’ve been choking up
on all this sand
a ghost in a sedan
when your dog died
i just had to know
wish you hadn’t told me that
i hope you’re safe inside your ring
never seems to mean a thing

am i obsessed with destroying myself
every corner i just turn looks like hell

i’ll brag to all my friends i’ll never write another word again
just to know you’re out there is enough to put me out
i’ll brag to all my friends i’ll never write another word again
just to know you

i felt insane for a while
i felt the same for a while
i got fucked up for a while

but tonight i’m fine
Track Name: Live at the Bronze
why take apart your racing mind
just to put it back together again?
my open arms and waning light

feels like i'm getting closer and closer
as your body inches further and further

dissect every second i spent
came apart like it never existed
close the door, don’t close the door

forget it, i don’t think i was listening
everything boils down to history
all along i was the one
who had to come along

i can’t see myself
wasting on the shelf
i can see you talk
drowned in bleach and chalk
Track Name: Peanut Gallery
i want to talk heavy talk
i wanna put it away, I’ve got things to say
are we just getting off?
i wanna know when you’re feeling low
i know it happens a lot, entertaining thoughts of coming back home

so coy about learning how to move through time
can't see through the future, everything i see is you
your flower dresses will never wilt
it’s just a matter of fact or my interpretation

i can’t stop

look at your screen, use my body like the glossy pages of a magazine
not slowing down like you would think
self-fulfilled or just tired of buying the make believe

it feels like you’ve been waiting for the clouds to come
makes me want to know if i'm the twister or the barn
my third dimension’s completely intact
it’s just a matter of fact or my interpretation
Track Name: Good Enough
new year with the same old acting
the kids are drunk, they feel like cracking
skull on skull
I was spinning out on the wooden floor
slipping past my shadow point
i wondered
if you saw me

i was turned away
it seems this place is crashing
faster than i ever thought possible
no one cared to watch the
ceiling kiss the floor
try to trace it back and pretend like we all survived

i went out on the ice without warning
center pond was a pool
i’m not sure i was thinking past
what i saw on the surface looked safe
nothing matters like good enough, feel it crack and fall

try to trace it back and pretend like we all survived
acting like splinters fall back into place all the time
gluing the fragments keeping my head inside my head
Track Name: Sweetie Pie
everything's turning around
head is spinning out
at the sound of your voice
the sound of your voice
the sound of that familiar knock
knocking down of
everything i never noticed before
you choose to ignore
why did i choose to ignore

think of hundreds and hundreds of ways to touch you
i wanted it bad
repeat to me the things you just said
i wanted it bad
you are always twisting away
and i feel the same
you are always twisting away

silent heart
sounds the loudest
when we're falling apart
i want you to know
i think i loved you right from the start

waiting for the call

what now? Time has come to a stop
i wanted to die
repeat to me all the things i fucked up
i wanted to die
you are always twisting away
i feel the same
you are always twisting away
Track Name: The Deep Blue
shine some light on me
you control the sea
craters in my eyes
shifting shapes and size

things that get to me
are the things that i can’t see
things that eat me up
are the things that i can't touch

i can’t see much when you’re not around
the way I carry on
pick up the pieces of your car
that landed on my lawn

i opened up my doors for you

covered up face
saying ‘knock it off’
feeling like good enough
stay up all hours of the night
and try to walk it off

(smoke hovers outside)

like the mist you're sucking down you look like a dream the way you spin around
in circles for hours you surround me like a fiction, like the lake the lake at night undistinguished everywhere
nowhere at all
Track Name: Alright
give me an hour
or half i'd take
anything at all
stutter through the script
a chance to let you know that
i'm still around
hiding in the underground
kids still in school
don't think I'm cool

i’m not holding back, just to stare at your pretty face
still a kid, made it clear
you can’t hold me back
it’s like thinking wrecks the will to do
feels like i’m wrecking you
not thinking through


nothing’s changed at all
still talk like night blowing through my room
what am i supposed to do?
Track Name: Hook Me Up with Some Visions
it’s time i came clean about it all
that’s fine
i think i lost it when i got inside
my car is slowly falling apart
and i, i’ve done nothing to stop the bleeding
i’m too young for this

invent different dimensions to it all
that’s cool
i guess i’ll push it further down
the line
is double crossing me
that’s fine
i’ll be a man without a soul that’s stirring
i’ve stopped learning
i can’t go to waste

my mom and dad are getting old and gray
want them to stay the same

i got lost in my own town again

the signs, it seems, are never ending
welcoming when you are leaving
this frozen earth is cracking open
my bones are broken, it's all so sudden
Track Name: What's with All the Noise?!
as soon as you said
you couldn't follow me to the beach
i should have known
but autumn was here and i was dying for you
the past came and went too soon
then all of it stopped and took me by surprise

i was watching for the roof to cave in
i was running inside to save you from him
i was scared to let you go, it's unfair to let you know
that you let me in

winter was here and i was dying for you and you knew

congratulations, you're getting married
i thought you'd mention your sacrament but
you never said a thing.