"You Grump"

by Great White Tourist

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From the basement.


released September 29, 2014



all rights reserved


Great White Tourist Manchester, New Hampshire

yer dad might like us?

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Track Name: Old Jazz Songs
lonely keeping all to yourself
just how i've been, you're scared to know
you've been getting drunk every night
you fall asleep without knowing it
you're getting old without meaning to
...getting old like all the things i try my best to say to you
told myself that you were too far gone
but i admit that was a lie
Track Name: Acting Childish
forget the words i had in mind
i'm sick with joy most of the time
i'm just a boy most of the time
not satisfied with wasted days
fill me up in different ways
help me up in different ways
if i fall down
i know it's not for real, i seem to always forget
it's all in my head
looming like a city that's been crashing on to me
it doesn't get much clearer
no one ever tells you...
where's everybody going?
Track Name: On Vacation
you told me once you'd fallen out of love
that was the day i found out what gravity was
i used to find myself floating off the ground and now i'm not
your temper flared at night and it looked like a star
the heat we felt transformed itself from love
i used to find that we whispered less and less the more we'd yell
change seems like it's never right when it comes on
i watched us grow so far apart and all the space
surrounding us and all the space that's in between
i can't figure it out!
how it took so long just to say so long
you were shutting off the lights when it came on
confusion leads to angry nights, forgotten mornings
" "
sense surrounded us and all the lights were signaling
Track Name: Child Actors
you always meant the things you said again and again
i tried to leave but never did again and again
i traveled north, you'd never smile again and again
you're way too smart to fall apart again and again
i'm lost on public transportation, i'm not sure what station i got on
i'm lost in montreal elation
i'm not sure how many more days i've got till this rot becomes more of me than it's not
the sun and sky sank instantly and everything you said to me...
i stumbled home from the city in the dark content/continent
Track Name: After Hours
no time to get this going
its not my place anymore to tell you how i feel
you don't look real
sneaking peeks and seems like valleys between our booths
short skirts long nights
if i'm alright then you're alright
all these thoughts are conjured like ghosts
i let go, godless dreams in a church alone
i've got this under control, just go home
i'm not gonna be much fun for you to be around anyway...
i can never decide if ii like going out at night
when i've got nothing to say and you've got nothing to say